Seriously, this is the best winter. And I don’t even ski anymore.

I started cycling to cross train for cross country skiing in 1986 but after two consecutive bad snow years I stopped skiing and took up cycling as my main sporting endeavor. I still have a set of mint condition Fisher RCS skate skis in the garage with Pepsi Challenge stickers on them from 1988. 26 year old skis that look fresh off the rack.

This is the kind of winter I remember growing up with. We probably did not have this much snow every year, but it seems like winter was always good when I was young. Sure, it’s been cold in January with multiple days of temps well below zero and six days of cancelled school for the kids. But this is what winter in Minnesota should be. Cold and a crap ton of snow. It’s really fantastic.

I have read lots of comments on Facebook the past week or so where people are saying they are ready for spring. In February. Haha, keep waiting! The first day of spring is still officially over a month a way and while it may warm up some we can still, and probably will, get some of the biggest snow falls of the entire season! Bring it on!

Cycling is still my main sport, but this winter has got me really thinking about getting back into cross country skiing. Here’s hoping for another big snow year next winter.



I got some various cycling things for sale, maybe you are interested, maybe not.

Anyway, check the list and if you see something of interest shoot me an email and I will quote you a price.

  • 2010 Ridley X-Night Cyclocross Frame, size 56cm, saddle max height 79cm. Includes Fulcrum 175mm carbon crankset with 36/46t rings. Used but in great condition.
  • Fulcrum 175mm carbon crankset with 36/46t rings. Used but in great condition.
  • Powertap SL Plus Wireless Wheelset with HED Ardennes clincher rims and Powertap LYC head unit. Used but in great condition.
  • Sidi Dragon MTB/Cross Shoes, black , size 44. Used but great condition.
  • Sidi Dragon MTB/Cross Shoes, white, size 44. Used.
  • Sidi Drako MTB Shoes, yellow/black, size 44. Used but in great condition.
  • Sidi Dominator MTB Shoes, black, size 44. Used but in good condition.
  • Sidi Genius 5 Road Shoes, white/blue, size 44. Used but in great condition.
  • Sidi Ergo 3 Road Shoes, white, size 44. Used.

Let me know your intent before I post stuff on the eBays.

I posted this last week or so.

I have had a couple of people respond but the enthusiasm has been kind of meh.

People keep asking me why the cyclocross scene is so organized and well run and such and such. It’s because there are people that are passionate and enthusiastic about cyclocross, want to see it continue to grow and are willing to get involved to make sure it happens.

Meanwhile, road races are getting cancelled and people are complaining about the few events that are on the calendar. The race is on the same day as a mountain bike race that I want to do. The roads are too rough for my super hoopty wheelset. My category is not being offered, etc etc etc. No surprise that promoters who are already on the edge of cracking are ready to walk away from the road scene.

So we need to have someone really step up and work to get the road racing scene back on track. Someone needs to be really passionate about road racing and have a vision about how to make this happen. This person is not me, I am not a road racer and I am working on other things already. And I am not going to ask someone that is already contributing to local cycling to step up and contribute more while others sit back and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor.

I am not going to provide a job description for something that you should be enthusiastic about doing. You should be trying to sell me on the reasons why you are the person for this job. This position needs to be filled but it needs to be filled by the right person. I am willing to wait for that person to show up.

Think about it, let me know.


I used to write about politics all the time.

That was before the USA elected a black man as President and the GOP lost their fucking minds.

Pointing out the crazy loses it appeal pretty quickly. It’s just sad.

Uphill Road Time Trial

Night Criterium

Gravel Grand Fondo

Downtown Cyclocross (like this!)

Short Track Mountain Bike Series

Wish I had more time and energy…

What is your pick for what will wipe out the human race?

1) Global climate change making it impossible to grow food?

2) Drug resistant bacteria?

3) Meteor?

4) Gay Marriage?

5) ?

I was shopping around the internet for some new cycling shoes tonight. Just shopping, not buying. I was trying to decide if I really wanted to spend $xxx on new shoes or not.

Then I realized that I had not heard from my wife at all today. She’s out in California at a conference. No call, no email, no text. Nothing. So I sent her a text to check in. Nothing.

My next thought was that new cycling shoes were the last thing I should be thinking about buying. I am going to need all the money I can find to take care of our children since my wife is dead. As a single parent I am not going to have time for all this cycling crap so I should probably come up with a strategy to sell all this junk as quickly as possible. How am I going to be able to explain all of this to our children? What am I going to do now?

Then I got a text message from my wife telling me that it was a busy day and that she would phone me tomorrow.

So now I don’t know what to think about new cycling shoes…

OK, so we had the special MCF meeting last Monday night to vote on continuing the contract with Endurance Promotions. For those who are not aware, Endurance has been providing the chip timing service at the local races for the past four years or so and the purpose of the meeting was to determine if the MCF should continue to provide race promoters with a subsidy for the service.

In 2012 the arrangement was that Endurance charged $1000 per event for the services with the promoter paying half and the MCF paying the other half. For this fee Endurance would provide chip based results and lap times for all competitors, all registration and start sheet logistics with the promoters only having to provide volunteers to work the registration table, and provide various other additional supplies to the promoter.

The questions that needed to be answered at the meeting included:

– is this a necessary service for race promoters to have access to?

– does it raise the level of quality of the event?

– should the MCF continue to subsidize this service?

– should it be mandatory for Rider of the Year events?

Turn out at the meeting was not stellar, but it seemed like most of the interested promoters were on hand for the discussion. I don’t have super strong feelings about this issue since we were only concerned with the road events at this meeting but I did feel the need to take the devil’s advocate position on a few points such as:

– is it the proper role of the MCF to be subsidizing the use of one particular service provider?

– if this service does elevate the quality of the race should the race promoters not be charging a higher entry fee to offset this extra expense? Don’t participants value higher quality events enough to pay a higher entry fee?

– should the MCF not be doing something to help non-Rider of the Year event promoters with their events?

It was apparent pretty early on in the meeting that nearly all in attendance wanted to continue with the Endurance deal. So, after agreeing to open up the bidding for these services for next year, we all voted and the Endurance deal was kept in place for the 2013 road season. Rider of the Year events would continue to get the subsidy from the MCF and state championship events would have access to this program as well.

Again, I don’t have strong feelings on the road races and if this is what the promoters want then so be it. The MCF needs to invest in the racing community and if this is what the road scene wants, and it’s thoroughly discussed by the promoters affected, I have no issues. And I agree with the point that when 35 criterium racers cross the finish line in the span of 5 seconds and they all want to know their result then the only way to have accurate results for everyone is with a timing service like Endurance.

However, this finish scenario does not happen in cyclocross and I think the value of a timing service for cross races, while nice for some athletes, is not necessary and should not be something that the MCF needs to invest in. If promoters want it then they should pay for it by charging higher entry fees. If racers want it then they should be prepared to pay these higher entry fees.

We will sort this out for the 2013 cyclocross season at the next CX promoters meeting taking place at some date in the near future…probably April something.

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